This website and the information contained within it (together referred to as the “website") is an information resource for shareholders of Katakura Industries Co. Ltd.  (“Katakura” or the “Company”).  Through this website, shareholders can access information created by Oasis Management Company Ltd. ("Oasis"), the investment manager to the Oasis Investments II Master Fund Ltd. ("Oasis Fund"), related to the shareholder proposals to be presented at the Katakura Annual General Meeting on March 29, 2018.

The materials on this website reflect Oasis's opinion that according to the Japan Stewardship Code (the “Stewardship Code”), Oasis, as a signatory to the Code, should constructively engage with Katakura’s management with the aim of enhancing medium- to long-term corporate value of Katakura.

The proposals to dismiss a director are a reaction to Katakura’s failure to constructively engage with us, and in fact, the Company has refused any suggestions or offers of help.  This failure to engage in good faith with shareholders is not consistent with the letter or the spirit of the Japan Corporate Governance Code or the Stewardship Code.

Oasis is also looking to increase the size of the Katakura’s board of directors and to nominate additional independent directors who could help enhance the medium- to long-term corporate value of Katakura.

The proposal to increase the dividend will help both to increase ROE and to ensure that management focuses only on investments that have a high return.

The remaining proposals are for the Company to grow its ROE for the benefit of Katakura and all shareholders.

Oasis encourages all shareholders to vote in favor of these proposals.

However, in this website Oasis is by no means soliciting or requesting shareholders to jointly exercise their voting rights together with Oasis or with other shareholders.  Shareholders that have an agreement to jointly exercise their voting rights may be regarded as “Joint Holders” under the Japanese large shareholding disclosure rules of the Japanese Financial Instruments and Exchange Act (“FIEA”), in which case they may need to file notification of their aggregate share ownership with the relevant Japanese authority for public disclosure.

Oasis disclaims its intention to be treated as a Joint Holder with other shareholders under the FIEA by virtue of its act of expressing its view or opinion or by any other activities to engage in dialogue with other shareholders in or through this website or otherwise.

In addition, in this website Oasis is by no means soliciting or requesting other shareholders to grant or deliver their proxies to Oasis for the Katakura AGM.

This website exclusively represents the opinions, interpretations, and estimates of Oasis.  Oasis is expressing those opinions solely in its capacity as an investment advisor to the Oasis Fund.

More information about Oasis can be found at https://oasiscm.com.




このウェブサイト、及びそこに含まれるすべての情報(共に以下“本ウェブサイト”といいます)は、片倉工業株式会社(以下、“片倉工業”)の株主のために提供されるものです。  本ウェブサイトを通して、片倉工業の株主の皆様は、2018年3月29日に開催される同社の定時株主総会に提出される株主提案に関して、オアシスⅡマスターファンド(以下”オアシスファンド“)の資産運用管理者であるオアシスマネジメントカンパニーリミテッド(以下、“オアシス“)が作成した情報を入手することができます。










本ウェブサイトは、株式交換に関してのオアシスの意見、解釈、評価を表わすことのみを目的として作成されたものです。オアシスは、オアシスファンドの資産運用管理者の立場でのみ、これらの見解を述べています。オアシスに関する詳しい情報は https://oasiscm.comにてご覧頂けます。